STAGE BREGENZ/contemporary fair / art / design
22 -25 February, 2024
February 22-25, 2024
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Contemporary Fair / Art / Design


STAGE Bregenz provides a link between contemporary art and design and their role in shaping a liveable future. The new fair in the Festspielhaus on Lake Constance is a meeting place for a broad artistic and cultural audience and a platform for the wide variety of interactions between art, collectible design and architecture.

We believe in the forward-looking power of cooperation – at both the global and the regional scales. By addressing questions of co-existence in a world that is as interdependent as it is vulnerable, STAGE Bregenz seeks to open up new cognitive spaces and spheres of activity.

As a fair, we act responsibly and ensure that our organisation is as sustainable as possible. You can find details of this in our Environment Responsibility Statement.

For information about booking accommodation in Bregenz and the Vorarlberg area, contact us here.